Sheeran's Pub, Coolrain

- at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains

Sheeran’s Pub, Coolrain


Sheeran’s Pub is a traditional thatched Irish Pub which was once a common sight throughout Ireland, but has become a much rarer sight in recent times. Stepping into Sheeran’s is like stepping back in time. The pub dates back over 250 years in time and originally started out as a ‘sheebeen’, an unlicenced/illegal pub. The building also housed the family home until more recent times.

Today, Sheeran’s Pub is owned and run by the Hogan family in the lovely village of Coolrain, in the shadow of the beautiful Slieve Bloom Mountains. It is a favourite with people visiting the mountains, whether out for a scenic drive, or for a more strenuous activity such as hill walking, cycling, etc. Sheeran’s Pub is also very popular with visitors to Laois as it offers the tourist an opportunity to experience a true authentic ‘Irish Pub’.

Sheeran’s Pub is well know down the years for traditional music and for set dancing. This tradition continues today with regular Traditional Irish Music Sessions. Be sure to check out our Music & Events page for more details. We also cater for parties such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, etc. These can be held in the main lounge, or we can offer a more private venue in our ‘snug room’.

Sheeran’s PubĀ is a must for those who wish to experience real Irish culture and history, rest and relaxation and of course a friendly family atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you!

Sheerans Soapbox Race
Sheerans Soapbox Race